Cajun and Creole Cuisine New Orleans-Inspired Deliciousness


An Unbeatable Setting

Food and Jazz For All to Enjoy

Incredible food. Deep South roots. Pleasurable jazz. What could be better?

Find all these things at Bourbon Street – London's destination for Cajun and Creole food. We serve an extensive variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we have delectable delights to satisfy your appetite no matter the time of day.

Our beginnings are rooted in true New Orleans inspiration. Chef Dominic Raso was first moved to cook Cajun and Creole food after visiting Louisiana in the early 1990s. Following his return home, he opened a restaurant that integrated the unique ambiance, music, and delicious food that The Big Easy is known for.

In addition to our varied menu, we have an outdoor patio space, jazz brunch, offer cooking classes, and host a number of events. We pride ourselves on having an open kitchen – come talk to us as your food is made!

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